Kovalev is Ward

Bogdan Domansky explains why Sergei Kovalev should not blame only the judge.

From the very announcement of the revenge and until the last conference, Andre Ward repeated in the same thought: "No more excuses." Ironically, the second duel ended in a bigger scandal. But if you consider the victim for a moment the distraught referee Sergei Kovalev, you are not quite right. Andre Ward was deprived of a clean victory, and that's why.

We must start by saying that all our fears have come true. Sergei Kovalev did not restructure himself and did not work on the mistakes. It can not be said that the first round turned into the thirteenth, but after several good stretches of "Crusher" again began to hunt for the head. Jeb jabbed through the times, the right distance for the blows was as often - in general, if in the first battle it was possible to speak about Kovalev's confident advantage in 4-6 rounds, this time no domination and no smell. The fight turned out to be so close that one could not help remembering the names of the judges and only guessing what was going on in the heads of these three people. The fact is that such battles can not really be assessed objectively. For example, one of the main boxing journalists Dan Raphael had 5-2 in favor of Kovalev, HBO independent expert Harold Lederman (very partial to the attackers of the attacking style like Kovalev) and did give Ward only one round of seven.

But on the cards of two judges out of three at the time of the stop, "Son of God" won with a score of 4-3, and it was more like the truth. The third referee gave Kovalev advantage in three rounds - 5-2.

But boxing is not only numbers, the number of thrown and struck blows, it's also sensations. Kovalev took the fight on the terms of Ward and again the elm in the viscous jelly. Inconvenient distance, clinch and a ragged rhythm - Sergei played on the opponent's field, where he could not win initially. Somewhere nearer to the sixth round there was an unpleasant deja vu, and the duel became a treacherous reminder of the first fight. The thirteenth round began at this very moment. It turned out that the coach invited by biathlon Alexander Mikhailovich did not bring the proper results - the Russian boxer's tank began to flow a couple of rounds later than in the first fight, but Sergei again looked tired a little earlier than we wanted.

In the eighth round, the most important thing happened - Andre Ward tricked up and suddenly proved that he beats a little stronger than a girl from Chelyabinsk, shaking Kovalev from head to foot. The most desperate "Crusher" cheaters could have fantasized how long the Russian would have risen if the place of "Son of God" was Adonis Stevenson.

This moment will be missed or belittled in its significance because of what happened in just a minute. But let's say it again - Ward adjusted, found his rhythm and began to take the fight, then shocked Kovalev and made him feel his wild weakness in his legs. Sergei was shocked, and everything that happened in the future is just the result of this.

Tony Wicks, who presented us with a spectacle that can be told to his grandchildren, entered the case - it is unlikely that we will ever be able to see such a shameful halt to the battle.

The American referee could make history more dramatic - to count down Kovalyov at least knockdown, or at last to remove from Ward a point for another blow below the belt, but Wicks saves and chose to solve the situation in the most simple and ridiculous way.

But most of all this should not upset Sergei Kovalev, but Andre Ward, who was stolen victory. If in the first battle the judges made a generous gift to the compatriot, this time he had to pay in full. His victory again smells bad, and on Twitter you can find dozens of variations and fresh memes, where the victory of the "Son of God" is associated exclusively with blows below the belt. Nobody will talk about how in the final round, Ward shortened the distance through the filigree work of the corps, how to leave the insider with blows, after all, how he threw that very right. Comments are filled with screenshots, where the American glove is too low.

Kovalev said that he was in order, but the television picture seemed that the Russian was shocked quite seriously. Sergei's legs buckled, he immediately began to seek salvation in the clinch - it did not work out, Ward clamped the "Crusher" at the ropes and began to crash himself. If you reconsider this point, you can see that the former champion's forces actually did not remain - several times Kovalev tried to brush off, after which he simply closed himself from blows. If the referee explains the stop exactly because Sergei did not resist and did not show any activity in defense - the questions to him will be slightly less.

In the remainder of the remainder, we have the following - even if Wicks did not stop the fight, confining himself to knockdown, what would be the chances of a greatly shaken and exhausted "Crusher" to win this fight? And how would the remaining 35 seconds take place before the end of Round 8? We will not be able to get answers, since Tony Weeks has deprived us of this opportunity. Similarly, he deprived the possibility of Andre Ward to win a convincing victory, the same - without excuses, and finally receive the due respect. There are no guarantees that an American could knock out a Russian. But the current fight to the right of Ward, won with a score of 10-8 in such a close battle round, and the state of "Crusher" after all that happened, make you think about Andre's clean and legitimate victory. Now Kovalev can safely talk about banned strikes, and this will be true.

But the truth is that Kovalev could not unravel the Ward code and find an antidote to his style. "Son of God" did what he always did - he found a way to victory. It's boring, dirty and not disdaining blows below the belt - but leaving three belts and zero in itself in the defeat graph.

Ward really beat low, with intent or without - blows were forbidden, and stop - shameful. The idea is simple - an episode with a monstrous stop occurred after Ward began to adjust and managed to put Kovalev in the same situation when his fate began to be in someone else's hands. Again.

In the end, blows below the belt can be another possible billet from Andre. Sergey did not have such blanks. Kovalev butted, competently worked in insider, but fought with fish in the water, not bringing to the table anything new. Ward brought at least the right blow and a couple of worked out to automatism combinations. Andre a couple of times "tested" this blow and surprised that sometimes he did impose a short exchange on Russians.

It's rather sad to say out loud what was in the air after the second half of the first battle. Andre Ward was just a little better. Slightly more adaptive, slightly more stringent and others "a little more". This does not in any way diminish Kovalev's merits - perhaps the best boxer in modern Russian history. To lose to the Olympic champion at his house by a wrong decision of the judges and a controversial stop is not a shame. Do not be ashamed to accept calls and be second. In the end, Manny Pacquiao lost the main battle of his life in the same "battle of the century". But did Mayweather love more, and the Filipino lost in heritage?

Sergei loses the second fight and is unlikely to get another revenge, Andre Ward again defeats "wrong" and causes crooked grins, not deserving of that. In the battle of the first and second number in the list of the best boxers, regardless of weight categories, the man in the shirt and without gloves again won.

The main question after all this - what will happen next with Kovalev? In April, Sergei was 34 years old. He lost all his belts and lost the revenge, probably without a chance for athird duel. To get to Andre through the status of a mandatory challenger is too long, too moneyless and pointless. Given that the American has three belts, and the fourth is with Adonis Stevenson - the prospects for light heavyweight are very vague. A surprising situation, when one of the best light-heavyweights in the world suddenly found itself in a dead end.

Earlier Kovalev spoke about the possible transition to the first heavy weight, and, it seems, the ideal moment has come. Another question is how long Sergei will make his way to the titles, how much his impact will impress the larger guys and how much Crusher himself will be able to hold heavier bombs.

There are more fun and hardcore options - Kovalev announces a break in relations with Main Events (a promotion company that failed to provide the second boxer in the world with a guaranteed fee) and HBO, switches to Showtime and somehow makes an arrangement with Adonis Stevenson, preparing for a fight with Canadian under the guidance of a new coach. The last start, a dramatic victory and the third fight with Ward for the title of the absolute world champion. Too fantastic? Good. The fight with Arthur Beterbiyev in Moscow and the most grandiose promotion of the fight in the history of Russian boxing - we will be quite pleased.


I support the fight between Mayweather and McGregor - it's very cool for boxing.

World champion light heavyweight Andre Ward shared his opinion about the duel between ex-champion in 5 weight categories Floyd Mayweather and MMA star Conor McGregor.
According to Ward, this fight will not hurt the boxing, but, on the contrary, will have a positive impact.

"These are two different kinds of sports and their representatives will come together. We will get a fusion of boxing and MMA. This is very cool, because the audience will increase. Even people far from boxing will want to look at it. I think it's good for boxing. I like it, I'm going to watch the fight. I do not have any negative opinions about this fight. All perfectly.

Мне хочется бой с Джошуа, но не из-за мести, Владимира Кличко.

Обладатель титула WBO в первом тяжелом весе Александр Усик высказал желание провести бой с Энтони Джошуа. Он допускает, что в ближайшие годы поднимется в весе, и такой поединок обязательно должен состояться.

В течение трех лет я перейду в супертяжелый вес — заявил 30 - летний украинец.


It's not true that Sergei will soon become a US citizen.

Egis Klimas, the manager of the former world champion in weight up to 79.4 kg according to the WBA, WBO and IBF versions of Sergey Kovalev, denied the information that the Russian boxer intends to accept US citizenship.

"It is not true. The first time I've heard about it, "Klimas said in an interview with Sport Express.

Earlier, the famous promoter Andrei Shkalikov said that "Sergei is preparing to become an American citizen and the official procedure will be completed just a few days ago."

June 17 in Las Vegas Kovalev will fight a rematch against the American Andre Ward.

Артуро не беспокоило ни бесчисленное число пропущенных ударов и рассечений, ни то, что глаза заплыли,и он вот-вот упадет. Все знали, что не смотря ни на что он будет продолжать идти на своего врага, что он не отступит ни на шаг, даже в безвыходных ситуациях он одним ударом мог переломить ход поединка.

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